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Floral Design service  


Package includes :
• This is a flat fee labor and design cost 
• All vases, compote bowls, centerpiece exterior 
• Includes table decor from our inventory (no additional rental fees are charged for centerpieces)

- Access to all decor already in out inventory, such as candelabras, vases candle holders, chandeliers, compote bowls, votive candle holders, lanterns etc.. 
- Design time required to create and personalize the client's wedding vision 
- Liaising with flower markets 
- The team's time to put everything together. This includes designing the flowers, and all labor/staff involved in the wedding set-up and tear down 

- Latinova Events charge a flat fee of $1550 for the design and execution. This fee is the same regardless of guest count or scope of work 
NOTE: The physical pieces required to execute the design, such as the flowers and any decor that is custom made or purchased, will be billed to the client as part of a supply cost.  (please see below on how supply cost works) 

• A minimum spend is set for the supply cost (flowers, oasis, tape, pins etc.. ensuring that Latinova Events is able to deliver a wedding that is on brand. The clients agrees to this expense (please note this is not a flat fee as listed above for floral design service) before any work begins on the design process. This ensures all suggestions provided to the clients in the design brief are within the scope to be executed. 
• All supplies purchased by Latinova Events are listed on a final supply cost invoice for the client. No markup is applied to any of these items. 
• Individual pieces are NOT itemized on the invoice. A total price is noted at the bottom of the invoice, with tax added. This invoice will always fall within the initial spend agreed to by the client . 
• This invoice is paid about 1-2 months prior to the wedding. 
NOTE: no supply cost (including flowers) is marked up, flower blooms may vary in price according to season
NOTE: Packages does not include flowers