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On a full-planning package we estimate 100 hours of work, that's 100 hours that we're saving our couples from spending time e-mailing, setting and attending meetings, negotiating and more. And each moment of the wedding is an opportunity to make a memory. Instead of trying to manage the day of details, hiring a planner ensures that our brides and grooms enjoy the experience, knowing that a professional is taking care of details. We strive to make our prices as affordable as possible, while still having our services exceed expectations. 

We do our best to exceed expectations to stay within budget. Prioritize the most important aspects of your wedding, label them as non negotiables and prepare for us to offer alternative complimentary solutions for the remaining details. We desire to create a captivating wedding experience that reflects the most unique aspect of your vision. 

A venue coordinator is a great member of your wedding team, but cannot be responsible for the execution of your event, because the venue coordinator is responsible for overseeing the venue's interest he/she cannot orchestrate vendor details or ensure that the wedding runs smoothly. The wedding planner oversees each aspect of the wedding, working as your representative in every situation 

We tailor all vendor referrals to fit the specific client based on their style, personality and budget. After our telephonic or in person meeting and getting to know more about you and your wedding. We will send you recommended referrals selected especially for you 

The sooner the better, we typically take on only a certain number of weddings per year so we can give all our couples that excellent level of service and quality experience. 

Two of the most influential aspects that affect your budget are guest count and venue location, for the most savings consider booking a Friday or Sunday option and streamline the guest list as much as possible, we also do offer discounted savings through our vendor referral and negotiated deals on your behalf which can definitely save you a ton. 

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We believe in exceptional service and take a  maximum of three weddings per month, and never schedule two on the same weekend. For a number of different reasons to really make your wedding day amazing and give each client that individual experience leading up to your big day we focus solely on your wedding. (Our  team may still be talking and meeting with other brides and grooms, but as your wedding is the only wedding for that weekend, you'll receive our undivided attention we go beyond the call of duty to make clients feel comfortable when choosing to book with us. 

We are realistic about cost and will never tell a couple that they couldn't have a wedding for their budget, its all about prioritizing and making alternative arrangements to accommodate their budget. Beautiful weddings are at every price point, just the same as we could never tell a couple that they could have a wedding for xxx amount while knowing that its not achievable.

If we're given a budget we try everything in our power to stick to it, as a client you'll be involved in any budget changes, keeping you in the loop of what to expect, in working every bit of magic to get you the wedding of your dreams within means, and realistic when it comes to price point.  I may not be the cheapest wedding planner out there, but I work hard to give all of my brides and grooms the best value.


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